Device Characterization for Modeling and Process Development

MPI Definition

Semiconductor device modeling creates models for behavior of the discrete, elementary devices (transistors, inductors, diodes, etc.) based on fundamental physics, geometry, design and operation conditions.

 One of the important steps is to perform electrical on-wafer measurements of such devices and this step is general known as Device Characterization.

 Driven by emergence of the new device technologies, new materials, processes development and integration, the Device Characterization process faces increasing challenges in electrical test for more and more sophisticated devices.

Major Requirements

Basic device characterization and modeling requires accurate I-V/C-V, RF, load pull and noise measurement of devices under temperature controlled and EMI-shielded test environment.

Engineers are facing challenges such as repeatability of the measurement, reliable probe contact, external noise influences, current leakage of the probes and chucks, thermal performance of the system and correct electrical connections between the device and various instruments.

MPI Solutions

MPI Engineering Probe Systems are designed to provide accurate measurement results with maximum confidence. With the dedicated Accessories such as coaxial, Kelvin, triaxial measurements connection, thermal chucks with leakage performance down to fA level over the temperature range from -60 to 300 °C and superior thermal distribution, EMI-shielded and light-tight test environment, the MPI TS2000-SE and TS200-SE are suitable for performing accurate Device Characterization.

Complete RF measurement solutions for device modeling provides precision RF measurement results and calibrations up to 110 GHz by employing MPI’s calibration software QAlibria™ and MPI RF Probes.

MPI's Advanced Semiconductor Test (AST) division

Is  built based upon a unique combination of Manufacturing Excellence and Systems Reliability, incorporated from MPI’s worldwide market leadership position in LED Test Equipment with a global installed base of more then 9000 systems for 24/7 operation; and Decades of Engineering probe systems Market Expertise from the AST management team.

MPI RF Probes & Accessories

With a critical understanding of the numerous measurement challenges associated with today’s RF applications, MPI Corporation has developed TITAN™ RF Probes, a product series specifically optimized for these complex applications centered upon the requirements of advanced RF customers.

 TITAN™ Probes provide the latest in technology and manufacturing advancements within the field of RF testing. They are derived from the technology transfer that accompanied the acquisition of Allstron, then significantly enhanced by MPI’s highly experienced RF testing team and subsequently produced utilizing MPI’s world class MEMS technology.

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MPI Engineering Probe Systems

The MPI Advanced Semiconductor Test Division is providing a wide range of engineering probe systems addressing the specific requirements of various market segments and applications such as Device Characterization for modelingFailure AnalysisDesign Verification, IC engineeringWafer Level Reliability as well special requirements for MEMS, High PowerRF and mmW device testing.

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MPI TITAN™ High Power

Typical Electrical Characteristics:
• Characteristic impedance 50 Ω
• Frequency range DC to 26 GHz
• Insertion loss, max 0.4 dB
• Return loss, min 16 dB
• RF Power @ 10 GHz, max 10 W
• DC voltage, max 250 V
• DC current, max 2 A
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MPI TITAN™ 40 – 110 GHz

Typical Electrical Characteristics:
• Characteristic impedance 50 Ω
• Insertion loss @110 GHz, max (GSG configuration) 1.2 dB
• Return loss @110 GHz, min (GSG configuration) 14 dB
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MPI Manual Probe Systems

MPI TS150, TS200 & TS300 manual probe systems are open, easy to use and cost effective yet highly accurate. These systems are designed for precision analysis of substrates and wafers up to 150, 200 and 300mm.

They may be configured to support a wide variety of applications such as Failure AnalysisDesign Validation/IC Engineering,Wafer Level Reliability, MEMS, High Power and Device Characterization and Modeling as well.

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MPI MicroPositioners

MPI offers a wide variety of backlash-free MicroPositioners to address every operational and measurement condition. These vary from small footprint to micrometer driven high resolution positioners for RF and mmW applications.

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