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 Driven by the emergence of new device technologies, new materials, processes development and integration, the Device Characterization process faces increasing challenges in electrical test for more and more sophisticated devices.


T Plus provide up to 325GHz standard pitch & configuration RF Probes. Other specialty is custom design capabilities for RF probe and calibration kit. We optimize RF probe performance according to user requirement.


The T-Plus R&D and manufacturing staff have over 10 years of experience in RF probing and measurements. Our professional team craft probes of the highest quality.

Probe Station for wafer / PCB

T-Plus RF Probes

  • Low insertion loss and return loss.
  • Air coplanar design.
  • Small Probe Mark
  • Wide range of pitch selection.
  • Probe Tip Replacement service available. (Limited times replacement)
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T-Plus Probe Stations


  • Optimized design probe station.
  • Easy handling
  • Perfect contact repeatability.
  • Frequency Extender Mount type available.
  • Custom design available
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