About Total Temp Technologies

Our primary expertise is based on creating thermally conductive environments to transfer heat to and from the Biomedical/Pharmaceutical sample or Electronic Device Under Test (DUT). The most widely known product for this purpose is a thermal platform, often referred to as a “hot/cold plate”. Thermal Platforms have a flat anodized aluminum surface that use thermal conduction to transfer heat to and from the DUT. Any product that requires temperature testing and has a reasonably low profile and a flat thermally conductive surface can be conditioned on a thermal platform.

Two engineers with 40 years combined experience in this field formed TotalTemp Technologies to provide customers with a new and more affordable alternative to the standard thermal platform systems currently on the market. Through the use of existing COTS technology TotalTemp is able to utilize engineering techniques with demonstrated reliability to provide top level performance in heating, cooling and temperature control.

The real benefit of this improved simplified solution is that the TotalTemp’s Next Generation product line is safer, extremely reliable and much more cost effective.

  • Thermal Platforms
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Limit Controllers
  • Temperature Chambers
  • Thermal Vacuum
  • Hybrid Benchtop Chamber

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